'Cool Ed Miliband' Imagines The Labour Leader As You've Never Seen Him Before

"Politics shouldn't be about who's cool and who isn't," explains the Tumblr (and Twitter account) 'Cool Ed Miliband'. "But just in case it is for you, here's some pictures of Ed Miliband looking cool."

They're right, of course. And in creating 'Cool Ed Miliband' they have, indeed, made the Labour leader look incredibly cool: by Photoshopping his face onto the bodies of various film and TV stars. Here are just a few of our favourites so far...

Robert Downey Jr:

Jon Snow:

James Dean:

The Rock:

Don Draper:

Indiana Jones:

Tony Montana:

Brad Pitt in 'Fight Club':

Daniel Craig as Bond:

Even Harry Styles:

And last but by no means least - model David Gandy:

Of course, our Huffington Post UK picture desk editors couldn't resist getting in on the act. Here are their takes on Ed as...

Thor (aka Chris Hemsworth)

Cool Ed Miliband

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