Susanna Reid Insists She's Not Flirting In ‘Good Morning Britain' Interviews: ‘It Would Look Rude If I Didn't Laugh'

Susanna Reid has hit headlines plenty of times, thanks to her seemingly flirty interviews with A-list guests, however, the presenter has now stated that she’s not actually flirting at all.

During her time as presenter, first on BBC Breakfast then on ‘Good Morning Britain’, Susanna has charmed everyone from Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner to David Beckham.

Susanna Reid

However, Susanna has now spoken to the Mirror, explaining that she’s actually just being friendly during the chats.

“So I’d rather look like I’m comfortable, and enjoying myself than rude and stone-walling.”

“And that’s just what I do when I’m thinking. I do it with all my interviews, including those with women. I’m not accused of flirting with them, am I?”

David Cameron and Susanna Reid

The former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ star also reckons its her friendly nature that makes sure her guests open up and reveal juicy tidbits of gossip.

"I wouldn’t say I got upset to be accused of flirting. People got upset on my behalf.”

The presenter recently had the unenviable task of spending a week sat with Piers Morgan on the ‘GMB’ sofa, but in classic Susanna-style, she made light work of putting him in his place.

Watch how she did it below...

Susanna Reid

Susanna Reid