Journalist Accidentally Buys Xbox One During Apple Watch Demo

Journalist Accidentally Buys Xbox During Apple Watch Demo

We feel for him, we really do.

CNET's Scott Stein became a victim of the classic 'accidental button press' when he inadvertently bought himself a brand-new Xbox One console on his Apple Watch.

Stein was demoing the Apple Watch on Periscope with his colleague, showing off just some of the new apps he'd downloaded over the weekend.

One of these included the newly updated Amazon app for Apple Watch. Using Siri to search for items Stein searched for Xbox One, tapped on the first result -- a $350 Xbox One Assassin's Creed: Unity bundle -- and then scrolled down.

Now that's where things started to go wrong. With 'one-click' enabled, Stein was very careful to make sure he didn't tap the 'buy' button, unfortunately in trying to avoid it, he did precisely that.

The reaction is priceless. Don't panic though, Stein was able to cancel the order via his laptop.

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