Man Launches 'Creepy' Social Media Campaign To Win Back Wife: 'She Deserved More Than A Simple Apology'

Michael Munday is prepared to go to extreme lengths to win back the love of his life, his wife Melissa.

Rather than admit defeat when the pair separated after three years of marriage, the 33-year-old IT expert launched a social media campaign to ask his wife for a second chance.

Using the hashtag #michaellovesmelissa, Munday's Twitter account has gained more than 167,000 followers.

“The campaign was prompted to let Melissa know that I was sorry, and that this was not simply more words, but shows action,” Munday told Mamamia. “She deserved more than a simple apology.”

The account is full of heart-felt messages from Munday, as well as quotes and pictures about lost love and forgiveness.

It is unclear why the pair split, one tweet written by Munday reads: "I did the wrong thing to the right girl, that's the real tragedy."

Although many have tweeted in support of Munday's campaign, others have suggested his behaviour is inappropriate.

Clementine Ford ‏tweeted: "Wow. Stop stalking her dude. Get over it."

Munday has responded to the criticism, saying: "People have described my actions as creepy, inappropriate, stalking, and an attempt at coercion.

"Nothing is further from the truth."

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