Ukip Candidate Geoffrey Caton Called Gay People 'A*** Bandits', Denies Homophobia


A Ukip parliamentary candidate has insisted he is not homophobic, despite using the phrase "arse bandit" to refer to gay people.

In July 2013, Geoffrey Caton, who is seeking election in Wallasey on May 7, posted criticism on Facebook of the Liverpool Pride event.

"Liverpool pride August 3rd being an arse bandit nothing to be proud of," he wrote. Caton also posted a picture depicting same-sex marriage as a "sin".

Caton told the Liverpool Echo today that he was not homophobic but that the comment was wrong.

He said: "We are living in modern times now, times change I realise that. We have to move on with the times, I have now, and since then whatever I said obviously wasn’t right then and it’s not right now and I fully believe in being fully inclusive."

Caton is standing for election against Labour shadow cabinet minister Angela Eagle - the first openly lesbian MP. In an interview with The Huffington Post last week, Eagle warned that politicians must not be complacent about LGBT rights.

The Ukip candidate also defended a Facebook post in which he complained about working in a "Pakistani club". In July 2013 he said: "My worst nightmare, have been working in a Pakistani club from 9am on my way home now in Manchester." Caton had denied he was being racist and said he was complaining about the "conditions" in the club.