Awkward School Photos - More Of Our Faves

Did you dread school photo day as a youngster? Queuing up to be shoved in front of a photographer at the end of his tether and ordered to smile for a horribly unflattering photo which would end up on mum and dad's mantelpiece, to haunt you for years to come?

Or were you raring to go, flashing your best smile and hoping the camera would catch your new Minnie Mouse headband?

Either way, school photos don't always age well. Perms, mullets, full-on Bonnie Tyler blowdries... they all seemed like a good idea at the time.

Awkward Family Photos has long been gathering readers' submissions of their cringey school snaps (presumably, enough time has passed for them to see the funny side). And boy, do they take us back to our school days. And not, we might add, in a good way.

We've written about AFP's stellar collection of awkward school photos before, but since then the site has seen dozens more submissions - and some of them are just so brilliant, it seemed like time to revisit the topic.

We've gathered some of our very favourite recent entries. From outlandish wardrobe choices and questionable hairstyles, to the boy who for some reason decided to pose alongside a pet mouse (who let this happen?) - these are just too good not to share.

Awkward School Photos