'Come Dine With Me' Couples: Martin's Mankini Wins Over His Guests... But Not Viewers (PICS)

Come Dine With Me Couples’ made its return to our screens earlier this week, but it wasn’t the food that left a lasting impression on the contestants, but the attire one of them wore to serve up their meal.

Martin and Amanda, a couple from Leeds, were so determined to pull out all the stops and impress their guests that he even surprised them by donning a lime green mankini while he served them their mains.

How very 2007 of you, Martin.

Martin in his mankini

While we must admit we don’t know how happy we’d be staring at a relative stranger’s bare behind as we asked them to pass us the salt, obviously their guests were impressed, awarding them with a very impressive 29 points.

We're just hoping this doesn't become a dinner party trend - and clearly we aren't the only ones...

Martin's mankini got a mixed reaction

True, Martin may well have made it into the ‘Come Dine With Me’ hall of fame with his daring ensemble, but, for us, nothing will top Heather Horsfall’s infamous rant last year, after she outed herself as the worst loser in ‘CDWM’ history.

We can only imagine how she’d react to finishing behind someone who gave everyone an eyeful, and ripped off a film from nearly a decade ago in the process...

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