Labour's Apprenticeships Ambassador Hasn't Actually EVER Had Any Contact With The Party


In the Labour party's September conference, Ed Miliband announced Elizabeth Shepherd would become the party's apprenticeships ambassador. But, since then, the 21-year-old hasn't actually had *any* contact with the party. At all.

Speaking on LBC, Shepherd, from Bolton, told Nick Ferrari even at the time of the announcement, no-one from Labour ever spoke to her.

"I'm going to be completely honest.. I personally didn't have any contact with anyone from the party," she said.

"I know there's obviously bigger things going on in the world but I'd have liked a phone call just to say 'we didn't need you'.

"Every vote is supposed to matter.."

The auto-electrician was first touted as the party's poster girl during the conference, when she was asked to stand up twice, as Miliband called for a round of applause for her - and she was invited on stage.

“I think it’s fair to say, Elizabeth, that you are breaking through in what’s been pretty much a man’s world,” Miliband, who first met Shepherd during a tour of her college, said.

The Labour Party has since said it will be in touch with Shepherd and will be inviting her to an election event.

"We have a number of things planned in the early months of a Labour Government that we would be delighted if Elizabeth was involved in."

Labour has been contacted for an update but has yet to respond.

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