This Teen Is Calling All Guys To Bring Tampons Into School To Help Out Their Girl Friends

This teenager is quite simply our new hero.

In an Instagram post which has quite rightly since gone viral, Jose Garcia from Miami asked all his fellow male classmates to bring a sanitary pad or tampon to help out their girl friends.

"TO EVERY BOY THAT FOLLOWS ME AND CALLS HIMSELF A MAN OR SIMPLY A GOOD HUMAN BEING. Petition for all of us to start bringing a couple pads or tampons to school to help our girl friends. If you have a girlfriend or are friends with a girl, u should know that they do not always have tampons or pads on them, or that sometimes their period just hits them without notice and have a bit of a problem finding one. We should support them with this, after all, we don't have to go trough all they they do because of menstruation, so it's just logical that we help them. You should already know to give them your sweater and not question when they wrap it around their waist. So let's step it up a notch and help them out. IF YOU HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR YOUR MOTHER, YOUR GIRLFRIEND, OR JUST WOMEN IN GENERAL I EXPECT FOR YOU TO FOLLOW ME ON THIS.

"To every girl that follows me. You are completely welcomed to ask me for a pad at any time without receiving a negative response or a dirty look. We should all help each other out like this so you don't have to thank me at all."


Hear hear.

Speaking to the DailyDot, Garcia said: "I realise I can't help solve any of the big issues right now regarding women and/or men (rape, discrimination, slut shaming, unrealistic body standards, objectivism). Maybe with this hashtag I could help with other minor thing."