Where To Watch The Mayweather Vs Pacquiao Fight - From London to Edinburgh

Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao has been dubbed the Fight of the Century and just days out from the first bell, finding somewhere to watch has become an epic battle in itself.

The bout at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas airs at 4am Sunday in the UK, meaning most bars will be shut. But there's still plenty that aren't, and if you're quick you can still get ringside, well, bar-side.

According to sport and drinking matching website,, more than 90 bars across the UK are showing the richest bout in history.

Tickets are still available for the Fight of the Century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao

And despite a ticket to the actual fight costing £85,000 online after official outlets sold out within 60 seconds, most bars will let you in for £6-£30 - standing only - some will also give you a drink. A seat at a table is £50

Alternatively, stay at home. Book it on SKY for £19.95.

In London, The Clapham Grand was boasting it would show the fight on the biggest screen in London, and soon after, their tickets sold out.

The swanky members only Broadway House was opening its door to non-members, but tickets for the fight sold out. However, tickets are still available at Broadway Bar And Grill.

Traditional pub, The Flying Horse, in Finsbury, has tickets at £10 - standing only - but as of midday Thursday there weren't many left.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. arrives at MGM

Mayweather versus Pacquiao

Belushi's across London are showing the fight, but only their London Bridge venue had tickets left (again, as of Thursday midday), for standing only. Riley's In Haymarket is also worth a try, although earlier in the week they were expected to sell out fast.

In Birmingham, according to Players Bar, Mooch Bar - get in for £6 from 10pm-2am - and Walkabout Birmingham - general admission tickets available £6 - are the places to watch the fight.

The Manchester Evening News highlighted four venues to watch the event in the city, including the Tib Street Tavern and Shooters Sports Bar.

In Glasgow, the Walkabout pub was still waiting to confirm a late licence to screen the fight, but the casinos are showing it. Alea Glasgow had VIP tickets at £59, and tickets to Isobar for £15, but word has it there is barely a ticket left anywhere.

According to the local council has been tough on late licences and suggested only two venues, Fluid and Pacific House. Both venues were advertising it as tickets only.

In Edinburgh the choice of bars appeared to be between Sportsters and Belushi's. The Genting Club is also screening the bout.

Mayweather has been the favourite to win with odds as short as 4/9 on with some bookmakers. Pacquiao is generally priced at 2/1 to win. A draw is priced at around 18/1.