This Was A High School Prom Poster - And It Shames Young Women

This was a poster put up around Lincoln High School in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, to warn its students about the dangers of engaging in sexual activity on prom night.

Not because they might contract an STI, but because the young females may taint their character.

The female figure in the poster is made up of words such as potential, polite, tidy, quiet, dependable, as well as independent, versatile, brave, tough, ambitious.

Which is somewhat rather contradictory.

The poster was first published on Imgur, via a Reddit thread.

The user said: "Yesterday my sister came home absolutely livid at the sight of a set of posters her school had been putting out. Since then she's been absolutely amazing, and has been in contact with school officials, local papers..

"I'm so proud of her and all she's done, and I just wanted to share this crazy situation."

The young woman in question has been identified by Mashable as Kelsey Schindl, who said she found the poster sexist and offensive.

"There is so much messed up about that poster," she told local outlet HTR News. "The insinuation that if you do have sex then you don't have any character anymore is a horrible message to send.

"And there are no posters that say 'protect his character,'" she added. "Last I checked, sex is consensual and a mutual decision you make together. But according to the poster, just the man decides."

A statement from the Manitowoc Public School District read: "The poster postings which have become the center of controversy did not promote any religious theme or institution and were not religious in content. Posters have been utilized for a number of years and, like past years' messages, this poster was one of several merely intending to promote a positive prom experience.

"No particular religious standard or expectation was being promoted. Social media reaction has demonstrated that any message can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways, many never contemplated or intended to be part of the original message."