01/05/2015 07:36 BST | Updated 01/05/2015 07:59 BST

University Of Central Lancashire Opens Puppy Room For Stressed Students

Puppies are fluffy, podgy bundles of fun, so why wouldn't you open a puppy room for your stressed students?

We presume this was the thinking behind the University Of Central Lancashire's latest initiative.

The students' union is setting up its first ever puppy room next month, and teaming up with the Guide Dogs charity to try help students relax and unwind during exam season.

The organisers reassured the welfare of the puppies was a top priority. "The puppies will have regular breaks throughout the three hours and be with their handlers at all times," the BBC reported them saying.

And, if you were in any doubt of the magic powers of a bundle of fluff, then there's a whole gallery of them for you to peruse.