Severed Ear Found After Fight In Huddersfield

Is This Your Ear?

Police are searching for a man who left his partially severed diamond-studded ear on the pavement after it was bitten off in a fight.

West Yorkshire Police believe the man did not seek medical treatment after the incident in Huddersfield at about 9.20pm last night and are urging him to come forward.

A photograph of the ear, complete with the diamond stud earring, has been posted on Twitter but the victim has not yet been traced.

Police said the man fled the scene after the fight between a group of people in King Street.

Two men, aged 37 and 45 and from the Holmfirth area, have been arrested on suspicion of wounding and are currently in police custody.

A force spokesman said: "The male who we believe was injured in this incident has still not been traced and has not contacted police."

He added: "We have recovered a partially severed ear, the outer section of it. It still has the diamond stud in it."

The picture shows the torn and bloodied rim and lobe of the ear, containing a diamond stud, lying on the ground.

Police appealed for the injured man and any witnesses to contact them on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Ashley Haigh, 35, a bartender, said the fight, between two groups of men was broken up by bouncers and those involved left the area.

Haigh described the men involved in the fight as "drunk but not aggressive" and said a lot of people had been out in the town all day after watching the boxing yesterday morning.

He said someone told him there was an ear on the floor and he went to take a photograph.

"I thought why hasn't someone got this?," he said. "It's not what you expect to happen."

Haigh said police arrived around half an hour after the fight and took the ear away in a sandwich bag.

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