Ryad Alsous had to leave his 500 beehives behind when he fled Syria over fears for his safety as civil war descended under the hand of President Assad. Now, relocated in Huddersfield, Ryad has been able to gain a new lease of life with a beehive gifted to him and is now giving to refugees a token of hope by teaching them to have their own beehives, building the colonies of Britain’s black bees.
Teenage victim reveals he wants to stop anything ‘unpleasant’ happening to the perpetrator.
Footage of a hijab-wearing girl being pushed and shoved has emerged.
These are dangerous and divisive words. While they would be objectionable coming from anyone, they are particularly frightening coming from the current Home Secretary
Thirty men and one woman will appear in court next month.
'He hasn’t got a bad past, because he’s never been convicted of anything.'
The father of a man shot dead by police during a pre-planned operation on a motorway slip road has said he believes his son
Look, some people just shouldn't be drivers. In fact, I believe a lot of people shouldn't be drivers. Yet, look into the wallets - or yes, even purses - of the vast majority of these potential road hazards and you will find a light pink card with a ghastly pale photo in the top tight hand corner, which permits them to drive around the world, risking lives at every non-indicated turn, as they see fit.