This Is What Happened When We Ran The Met Gala 2015 Celebs Through The 'How Old Do I Look' App

What Happened When We Ran Met Gala Celebs Through The 'How Old' App

Last week, we were obsessed with Microsoft's 'How Old Do I Look' app as we scoured for the most flattering pictures to upload.

There were tears and tantrums in the HuffPost office as some of us were given OAP ages, but then we turned on the app itself, like a lot of people on Twitter.

This week, we decided the celebs who attended the Met Gala 2015 deserved a turn and the results are pleasantly flattering.

Let's just say Anna Wintour comes off looking very, very good...

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Met Gala Celebs Given The 'How Old Do I Look' Treatment