A-Jockalypse Now: Scots Tweeters Respond To Boris Johnson's 'Racist' Jibe

A #Jockalypse Now: Scots Warn Of The Irn-Bru Fuelled Day Of Reckoning

Men in kilts carrying crates of Buckfast and Irn Bru will be heading to their choppers on Friday morning if Boris Johnson is to be believed after he warned of an impending "ajockalypse".

Cynical tweeters quickly embraced the term and warned of the forthcoming invasion of Westminster and the "chaos" that could be caused by a Labour-SNP coalition government.

Never a bunch to let a bumbling posh bloke from the English countryside get them down, Scottish tweeters jumped on #Jockalypse to poke fun at Boris.

So, this is what the world will be like when Nicola Sturgeon walks into Number 10 on Friday. You have been warned.


Nicola Sturgeon on the campaign trail

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