Susan Sykes Makes A Living From Crushing Bricks And Watermelons With Her Breasts

This Woman Can Crush Bricks With Her Breast (Yes, Really)

Susan Sykes has size 34M breasts. They are so big that she can crush cans, watermelons and even bricks with them.

The 53-year-old from Massachusetts has made a living from her unique talent for the past 30 years. And what a lucrative business venture it's been, as it has enabled the TV star to buy her own island in addition to a cabin on a mountain top and a strip club.

Now, Sykes - who also goes by the name of Busty Heart - hopes to fix a plastic surgery procedure gone wrong, which (much to everyone's surprise) is on her stomach.

Sykes starred in last night's episode of E!'s reality series 'Botched' where she made her plea to Dr Nassif and Dr Dubrow to get her "shelf-like" stomach fixed after previous surgery went wrong.

“I’ve seen you in some movies and television shows and it’s crazy and kind of impressive what you do,” revealed plastic surgeon, Dr Dubrow, when they discussed Sykes' special talent.

But before making her plea to the doctor duo for a tummy fix, Sykes jumped at the chance to show off her assets.

First up, she crushed a can (and Dr Dubrow's hand) with her silicone-filled breasts.

Then, she upped her game to a watermelon, which she proceeded to crush in just three blows.

Sykes revealed that she first found out about her talent after trying to crush a styrofoam cup. It made a "popping" sound as she squashed it, which she found funny.

The Sykes said that she wanted to be a comedian, and - as a result - decided to implement her breast-crushing skills into some of her routines.

She also admitted that she'd travelled to Japan where they'd even taught her to crush bricks with her chest.

Sykes had breast enhancement surgery back in 1990. Each of her weighty breasts is filled with 2,000 cubic centimetres of silicone implants (which are now illegal).

"If she gets sick of entertainment, she could always work as a wrecking ball," joked Dr Dubrow.

Now, Sykes hopes to get her stomach sorted after liposuction left her with a "shelf" at the top of her stomach which stops her from wearing two-piece outfits.

"I'm really hoping that they're going to be able to help me with my stomach problem," she added.