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Shirley's appearance on Who Do You Think You Are? has made her think about her health.
I hope through sharing this we can help other women in similar situations. I know I can only speak for myself and I was lucky enough that the nipple-sparing surgery still enabled me to keep some resemblance of what was previously there, but if my experience helps one woman feel slightly better about their future or less scared then I will be happy.
A woman who lived with mouldy breast implants for a number years has spoken out about how they made her so ill she thought
A Brazilian company which makes breast and penile implants has had its safety accreditation suspended after regulators found
MyFreeImplants (MFI) is the largest cosmetic surgery financing website in the world. Women sign up to the website, post a set of photos and a 'beg' bio explaining why they desperately need cosmetic enhancement and sympathetic benefactors, who are 95% male, donate money to help them achieve their goal...
Sykes starred in last night's episode of E!'s reality series 'Botched' where she made her plea to Dr Nassif and Dr Dubrow
Temporary breast augmentations are on the rise, but how exactly does the procedure work and, more importantly, how safe is
Within the whirlwind that was the first two weeks of my sister being diagnosed she was informed about being tested for the gene mutations BRCA one and two. As my mum had also died reasonably young from the disease and we had reason to believe it was on both her mother and fathers side of the family it seemed very possible that the gene resided in our family.
A mother-of-two has become the proud owner of Britain’s biggest fake breasts, clocking in at a whopping 30KK. Each of 5ft
A third of people who undergo plastic surgery choose to have the procedure abroad, lured by cheaper prices. But as with most