VW's New Apple Watch App Will Tell You If Your Kids Are Speeding In Your Car

Volkswagen has unveiled its first Apple Watch app and while it comes with many of the remote car functions you'd expect, it also has a new one that will be particularly useful to parents.

The Car-Net app will now send a warning to the Watch every time the car goes over the speed limit, perfect for parents who are worrying about their children driving for the first time.

Using the connected features on the car, the app can also create a virtual 'boundary' within which the car can operate, if it leaves that area then a notification is sent straight to the Watch.

Of course it's not just a babysitting app, VW has updated the functionality of Car-Net to allow drivers to see their cars on a map, lock/unlock the car and even see the battery or fuel status of the car.

Car-Net is compatible with a limited range of 2014 vehicles while VW aims to give the remote functionality to almost every 2015 model.

VW of course isn't the first car company to release remote apps for its vehicles. Both Tesla and BMW have revealed their own Apple Watch apps while Audi has been experimenting with LG's Web OS operating system to create a smart watch that specifically ties into Audi's remote-driving capabilities.