Breastfeeding Mums Can Have Their Own Pods In New York Airport, But Should We Really Be Grateful?

A Private Pod For Breastfeeding Mothers - Is This Really Needed?

Although mums might not always find the perfect place to breastfeed their children in public, it's never too much of a hassle.

But according to an American-based household and baby care company, action was needed to create their own dedicated space in airports.

Seventh Generation have sponsored and installed four nursing pods in New York area airports, solely as a place to breastfeed your children.

Yes, really.

The pods officially open today, and were created by Mamava. The pods are 4ft by 8ft big, and include two benches and plug sockets.

To make it easy to find them, Mamava's have their own app which helps locate the pods.

Ashley Orgain, Seventh Generation’s manager of mission advocacy and outreach said: “Airports can be stressful environments and are busy, and we want to give moms a clean and comfortable area where they can pump or nurse,” said Ashley Orgain, Seventh Generation’s manager of mission advocacy and outreach.

Take a peek inside the pods...

They have been created to fit in a family of four plus luggage, but we can't help but feel they look slightly like a portaloo.

However, some mums have expressed their excitement on Twitter, with one saying: "LOVE this! MAMAVA pods should be in every airport! Great for workplaces too..."

The initiative is hoping to expand into other airports. And we're not sure if that's a good thing.

Should women be grateful for private pods for breastfeeding, or offended that the bogs-style pod is hiding away such normal human act?

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