08/05/2015 13:01 BST | Updated 07/12/2015 07:59 GMT

17 Things That Make Us Moody Brits Instantly Happy

Pug dog
Guy Crittenden via Getty Images
Pug dog

Brits can be a tough bunch to crack.

There are often zero smiles, scrutinising looks wherever you go and those who aren't busy frowning are rushing around like they're on a mission to save the planet from an impending alien attack.

The thing is though, we do have our precious moments of pleasure.

And regardless of how small they are, we can all agree that when the following happens, life is bloody great:

When The Weatherman Gets It Right

It's a rarity, but when it happens it really is glorious. Ain't that right, Leo?

When The Sun Shines

And you're not at work.

When It Rains Heavily

And you're tucked up in bed.

Cat Videos

Nothing melts our icy hearts like a cat dressed as a lion.

Dog Videos

With babies = even better.

Cat AND Dog Videos

Thank you Lord.

Finding Free WIFI

Could this day get any better?

Finding A New Series On Netflix

*Cancels all weekend plans*

Finding A Tenner In Your Pocket


When There's Nice Grub In The Reduced Aisle Of Tesco

Weird-looking beef for £1 = SOLD. ("I'll take ten of them")

When Queues Are Non-Existent

Or, wait for it, you get to skip the line.

When Self Scan Checkouts Work First Time

Unexpected item in the baggage area, who?

When Everyone Stands On The Right Side Of The Escalator


Getting A Seat On The Tube... In Rush Hour

Christmas has come early.

Getting A Letter

That isn't a bill. Or a dentist appointment. Or a credit card statement...

Getting To The End Of A Really Tough Gym Session

Who's the daddy?

Getting To The End Of The Week And Realising... IT'S FRIDAY!

Helllooooo weekend.

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