We round up the week in good news stories, featuring hot dog ice cream, a lucky charm cat, lots of seals and a goat beauty contest.
We round up the week in good news stories, featuring wolf pups, friendly whales and a man walking over 400 miles backwards for the environment.
We round up the week in good news stories, featuring baby meerkats on their first outdoor adventure, a tea-serving robot, a hot air balloon festival, a record-breaking sandwich and a donkey beauty contest.
According to an online dictionary, the informal definition of stuck is baffled or nonplussed. But if you have ever felt stuck
You know you want to be happy and you know it's important for your wellbeing. However, you're confused and unclear about how to actually get to happiness. This isn't surprising as there are so many myths and messages being shouted from the rooftops.
When I say I love my body, I actually mean it. I don't just accept this is the 'card I've been dealt', a phrase I have heard a lot through my life. I'm not making the most of a 'bad job' or simply tolerating what I cannot be bothered to change.
Love bravely, text wildly and add an x wherever you go. Take back control. It's your choice to put the x not theirs and if you're not ready, don't put that x. If they take back their x, laugh wildly with your head back because they could not be as brave as you.
As the Happyologist®, the most common question I get asked is, "Are you always happy?". To this, I confidently respond, "No, I'm human." It took me years to fully understand this question and to respond to it confidently. Why? Because I, just like the rest of society, had totally misunderstood what happiness is.
As John Milton said: "The mind is a universe and can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven." We psychologists can help people to use their minds to make their present moments better than they could ever predict their futures to be.