Jaime King Might Be Having A Boy, But We're Too Busy Lusting Over Her Maternity Style

Jaime King Pretty Much Has The Best Maternity Style Ever

The world has gone a bit crazy after Jaime King hinted that she's going to be having a baby boy in an Instagram video with Taylor Swift.

And while that fact might be true (writing: 'He's sticking his arm out for you!' is quite obvious), there's some more pressing issues we feel we need to talk about.

Jaime King shows that being pregnantis sexy.

The American actress, 34, has struggled with fertility issues for eight years, and was over the moon when becoming pregnant with her second child, due this year.

"So excited to announce THE SEQUEL Coming later this year!! ... #BabyTown2" she wrote on Instagram. And since then we've been in awe of her gorgeous snaps she's been posting.

The tight white tee

King shows that being pregnant is not just about baggy shirts and flowing tops. Her tight white tee accentuates her growing bump.

"I just love sharing with you that being pregnant is a celebration of style and sensuality," she wrote on Instagram when she first shared the news.

And how right she is. Her low-waisted culottes are perfect to sit underneath the growing bump.

The showing bump

King tells her followers to 'maintain their individuality' in this snap of a gold-coloured shirt revealing the bottom of her bump.

In an interview with Who What Wear for the below shoot, she said: "You know, for me, getting pregnant is such a celebration of femininity and a celebration of your growing body.

"In a way, it’s the only time you don’t have to suck in and the only time that it doesn’t matter really how big you are or what your body looks like. You can wear form-fitting clothes, and you can wear things that show off how your body has changed."

The Calvin Klein

If there's one thing this picture says, it's how proud King is of her bump. Her stylish Calvin Klein underwear is pretty simple, but at five months' pregnant in this photo, she looks damn good.

She told inStyle “… it’s just really about respecting and loving your body in every form that it takes. The more women understand that, the better.

The sheer dress

#Babybodyjoy she hashtags on Instagram when pictured in this gorgeous, floor-length sheer dress at a Burberry event.

Yes, her dress is see-through and yes, you can see her bump. But our guess is that's exactly what she was going for. King had no qualms in showing her skin, keeping with the mantra that pregnancy style is about sensuality.

To top if all off, her fluffy overcoat and wedged boots finish the outfit.

The floaty skirt

On Mother's Day, King uploaded a trio of style shots featuring a patterned maxi skirt with a plain white shirt.

We absolutely love this outfit, especially the third shot where she cradles her soon-to-be newborn covered in the high-waisted skirt.

Shot for Who What Wear, King said: "What I decided when I got pregnant is that if anything, I’m going to have more fun with my fashion, because I love dressing, I love taking risks, and why not show the world that it’s okay, you can really go there?

"Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be cool and fashionable."

Dance my sweet mama's. I love you all- Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

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She pulls of a red lip like the best of them. Literally.

Jaime King Underrated Style Star

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