This 'Replicator' Turns Food Pods Into Delicious Hot Meals In Seconds

An Israeli company has unveiled what it believes is the closest thing you'll get to the famed 'Replicator' from the sci-fi series 'Star Trek'.

The Genie is a small box-shaped gadget that can take specially designed food pods and then turn them into delicious meals.

Taking just 30secs, the food pods contain a range of natural ingredients while each pod has a shelf life of over a year. Once placed inside the Genie, a secretive 'patented technology' then cooks the ingredients together resulting in a finished meal.

Capable of producing everything from noodle dishes to chocolate cake, the designers want it to become the replacement for your microwave or even your oven by offering convenience without the compromise on quality.

While the company won't budge on how it cooks the food, the product is already nearing completion and will be available to pre-order soon.