Baby Name Traditions From Around The World

Here Are Baby Naming Traditions From Around The World

Naming your newborn is possibly one of the toughest decisions you're going to make, and it's not one that's taken lightly.

With the new idea that traditional baby names are going out of fashion in a bid for families to be more individual, the choice is ever-growing.

Some parents are becoming more and more creative with how they name their baby, opting to choose from a brand-new pool of possibilities.

But in other countries, naming a baby isn't that easy.

Many places across the globe such as Japan, Denmark, China, Germany, Norway have put in strict, baby-naming laws to stop them being called wacky names like Ocean, Apple or Egypt.

Whether it's due to their culture, religion, or just a common practice, many of these countries believe that naming a baby can influence and affect their whole life, so the process shouldn't be taken lightly.

With inspiration from the days of the week in Ghana, and parents having to wait 100 days to name a child in China, here's a round up of some baby name traditions around the world.

Japan Traditions

10 Baby Naming Traditions From Around The World

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