Surprise As 'Katie' And 'Hopkins' Top Most Popular Girls' Names List


The most popular names for babies born in England and Wales have been revealed - and while 'Harry' and 'Styles' continue to top the boys' table, 'Samantha' and 'Brick' have been knocked off the number one and two spots for girls by 'Katie' and 'Hopkins'.

Other surprise entries include 'Gaga' for girls and 'Bongo Bongo' for boys. 'Tyler', meanwhile, continues to be a popular choice for babies of both sexes.

The top 10 most popular names are:


1. Katie

2. Hopkins

3. Samantha

4. Brick

5. Tyler

6. Jane Austen

7. Rihanna

8. Gaga

9. Glee

10. Botox


1. Harry

2. Styles

3. Styler

4. Tyler

5. Ryan Gosling

6. North West

7. Bongo Bongo

8. Wolverine

9. Troll

10. Royal Baby

Katie Hopkins. Other famous Katies include Price and Holmes; other famous Hopkins include Anthony and a school of medicine in Baltimore