Edinburgh Panda Baby Watch: Your Special 36-Page Souvenir Pull-Out

Panda Baby Watch: Your Special 36-Page Souvenir Pull-Out

Is she or isn't she? Who cares - we're celebrating already! And so can you, with HuffPost UK Comedy's stunning 36-page pullout...



Is Tian-Tian expecting twins? Probably not. But that won’t stop us speculating

Tian-Tian’s Pregnancy Style

From fur to more fur: Her most memorable maternity outfits so far. PLUS: How to copy her smokey-eye look

Bearing Witness

As the world’s media camp outside Edinburgh Zoo, we bring you all the non-updates from inside: including who’s buying what from the gift shop

Ursine Of The Times

Why Tian-Tian and Yang Guang will be very different parents from previous generations of pandas. PLUS: What Tian-Tian can learn from her dead mother-in-law

Baby Bear Boom

Why the birth could lead to a population boost among British teddy bears

Eats Shoots And Leaves: Tian-Tian’s Post-Baby Weight Loss Plan

OK! magazine reveals the secrets of Tian-Tian’s diet and fitness regime, shortly after tweeting an ignorant comment about her post-cub ‘mummy tummy’

PLUS In the Daily Mail: How much this immigrant's baby is going to cost you, the British taxpayer.

Tian Tian

Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo


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