Parents Fined £100 After Kids Played Football In The Street (And Residents Complained)

A few days ago, we heard that parents could be fined if their children turned up late to school, now there's the threat of a new fine which has communities divided.

Complaints about children playing football in the street were made by residents in Nottingham this week.

The council issued letters to parents in the street, warning of a fixed penalty £100 fine if it happens again.

The letter read: "Although this may seem harmless entertainment to children, this behaviour is raising complaints from local residents who are concerned that the balls are hitting their cars and properties, and could cause damage to their vehicles and windows."

The letter goes on to explain there were nearby parks and areas around the street where children could potentially play football.

Parents were outraged after being sent the letter, arguing that their children are now too scared to play outside.

One parent, Shazad Akhtar, 45, told the MailOnline: 'It wasn't fair to be sent that letter. My nieces and nephews have never cause any damage.

"Having a kickaround in the street has been a tradition in Britain for ages, I played football in the street when I was a kid."

Others have argued that parents want to know their kids are playing outside and not out of sight, so going to parks isn't an option.

Residents in the street were happy with how the council dealt with the complaint.

Richard Antcliff, chief licensing, trading standards and anti-social behaviour officer for Community Protection, told the Express: "There is absolutely nothing wrong with children playing in the street but in this instance we had received a number of complaints from residents about their cars and windows repeatedly being hit by footballs."

Currently it's only the Midlands who are affected by this fine, but it could spread to other parts of Britain. What are your thoughts?

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