‘Big Brother' 2015 Contestant Adjoa Shocks Kieran By Revealing That She's Gay

Big Brother’ housemate Adjoa Mensah crushed fellow star Kieran McLeod’s hopes of any romance after revealing she is a lesbian.

The committed Christian and pastor’s daughter admitted she had the hots for Sarah Greenwood after coming out to her fellow inmates as they spent their first night in the telly house.

Big Brother's Adjoa

The revelation sparked confusion from Kieran who claimed he was “wounded” by it, having admitted he was attracted to Adjoa.

"You weren’t expecting that were you?" she quipped.

Kieran was 'wounded' by the revelation

As Kieran quizzed her about her sexual experiences, she admitted she has never been with a man or has any desire to.

“I want p***y,” she said, charmingly.

Adjoa then confessed her attraction to law student Sarah as she spoke to Big Brother in the Diary Room, stating: "Sarah is so lovely, and she’s hot and is just so sexy!”

It came after Sarah confessed that while she also has close relationships with women, she does not think of them in a sexual way.

Adjoa has the hots for Sarah

"So you don't want to feel their p***y or something?" Adjoa asked.

We get the feeling Adjoa rather likes that word.

‘Big Brother’ continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 5.

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