15/05/2015 12:52 BST | Updated 21/05/2015 13:59 BST

21 Kids Who Seriously Regret Everything: Hilarious Bloopers That Will Make You Laugh

You just can't go wrong with hilarious kids' videos to give you a bit of a boost or giggle.

And these 21 children definitely won't disappoint.

In this "you've been framed" style video, the kids make slightly bad choices which they instantly regret.

The video begins with a poor young boy munching down some cat food. Yep - cat food. It's not long before he's spitting it back out.

Here's our top five children who really, really regret their choice two seconds earlier.

This girl who bounces on a balloon


This poor girl who gets stuck on the toilet. Ouch.


This boy who looks too closely at the hose



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This cute baby who has too much ice cream. BRAIN FREEZE


This poor guy who bounces so high his trousers fall down


Oh and a young boy who asks for more rain, then nearly gets caught in a thunderstorm.

We shouldn't laugh really. But we did.

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