Pat Laughlin Pulls Off Incredible Bike-To-Bike Transfer BMX Stunt

Pat "Big Daddy" Laughlin is a big name in BMX, and from this video you'll see why. His latest big stunt was a stunning bike-to-bike transfer on a mini mega ramp in China.

Seemingly without regard for his testicles, Laughlin flies off his bike while going over a hump and heroically lands on another bike waiting on the other side.

It took a full 90 minutes of practice on this particular ramp for the extreme sports veteran to complete the stunt, which he did on his third try.

Matt Hoffman, the biggest name in BMX, was there to congratulate his friend on the feat. "It's all about having the best bad idea of anybody and Pat just won," he said.

"It's not like I was trying to win anything," Laughlin said after finishing the trick. "That was just a personal battle. That was so fun."

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