'Big Brother' Nominations: Adjoa Mensah, Eileen Daly And Sarah Greenwood Face Eviction After Face-To-Face Noms (PICS)

Who's Been Nominated For This Week's 'BB' Eviction?

In yet another ‘Timebomb’ twist, the ‘Big Brother’ housemates were given the shock news that they would be nominating face to face, in Sunday night’s highlights show.


Nick Henderson was the first housemate to make his choices during Friday night’s live show, and the rest of the housemates have now had their say, nominating Adjoa Mensah, Cristian MJC, Eileen Daly and Sarah Greenwood ahead of this Friday’s eviction.

Jade Lynch took the news of the face-to-face nominations particularly hard, admitting she “felt sick” and bursting into tears before nominating Cristian and Eileen, claiming the latter “sometimes looks lost” in the house, adding: “We’re all quite young in here… I think it could get to Eileen after a while.”

Eileen Daly

She wasn’t the only housemate to mention her housemate’s age difference form the rest of the group as a potential reason for nominating her, which an emotional Eileen picked up on when making her own face-to-face nominations.

She said: “I think you’re all wonderful, wonderful people. Thank you so much for the first week. But if I can’t sleep, I can’t function. I can’t go on two hours’ sleep and be the person that I am.

“I know I’m old but I don’t feel old.”

Adjoa Mensah has been nominated for eviction

After the four nominated housemates were announced by Big Brother, Jack McDermott was given the opportunity to use one of his three immunity passes to save one of his fellow housemates.

Rather than saving them for if he is nominated further down the line, Jack chose to save Cristian, to which the student and occasional rapper later confessed: “No one’s ever done something that nice for me before.”

Cristian has been saved

Speaking in the Diary Room later that day, Cristian added he was “very happy”, insisting: “I never felt valued. I never felt good enough… but that guy’s got a good heart. I think God sent Jack to do a selfless thing like that. People are gonna laugh at that… but that’s where the name Cristian came from. It’s what I believe, innit?”

Either Adjoa, Eileen or Sarah will be the second housemate to be evicted from the ‘Big Brother’ house during Friday night’s live show.

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