'Big Brother' 2015: Nick Henderson Nominates Adjoa Mesah And Sarah Greenwood For Second Eviction In Face-To-Face Twist

Who Did 'BB' Nick Choose For His First Face-To-Face Nominations?

Big Brother’ housemate Nick Henderson bore the brunt of yet another ‘Timebomb’ twist in Friday night’s live episode.

On his first night in the house, Nick was chosen by the public as one of five contestants to take part in a twist that could potentially affect their entire time in the house, and ended up discovering that he’d have to make all of his nominations face-to-face throughout his time in the house.

Still, it could have been worse. Just ask Simon Gross

Nick had a tough decision on his hands

During Friday’s show - after Jack McDermott was selected as the public’s ‘winner’ and tempted with the offer of a sports car - attention turned to Nick, when he was instructed by Big Brother to stand up in front of his housemates and make his first face-to-face nominations.

His first choice came fairly easily, as he explained: “Purely because I’ve spoken to this person the least… we just haven’t had a heart to heart and I find her quite hard to read... Adjoa is my first nomination. I’ve connected with her the least.”

Adjoa finds out she's been nominated

However, when it came to making his second choice, he seemed more hesitant, telling Big Brother: “I fucking can’t! I haven’t got anyone.

“Just because of the task... Sarah. Just because of the fucking task.”

Sarah took the news better, thankfully

When several of his housemates began to giggle at his frustration, he insisted: “It’s not even funny, I fucking love Sarah… it’s just because of the task, and what she said about money. I fucking love you, Sarah. I fucking do!”

The rest of the group will make their nominations during the week, ahead of Friday night’s second eviction of the series.

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