Going, Going, Going, Gone.. Girl Wears Wrong Shoes To Graduation, Falls Hard

Introducing The Most Epic Graduation Fall Ever

Everyone who has graduated from university knows the fear of "the walk". That one moment when hundreds, thousands, of eyes are upon you and you have to make it the few feet from the shadows up to the podium, shake hands, and then return to your seat - ALL without tripping up.

Well, young woman is now probably wishing she'd chosen her footwear better after her impossibly high heels made Bambi on ice look elegant.

Not content with a slight wobble and then a fall, onlookers at US school Mansfield High's ceremony (and nearly 2m of YouTube users) were treated to a majestic 12 seconds of effort to stay upright before the final tumble.

Graduates, take note: comfort wins over style, every time.

Because no-one likes to be overdressed

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