Mum Falls Over During Marriage Proposal

When this loved up young chap decided to propose to his long-term girlfriend, he knew exactly what to do. He would take their families and friends down to the beach where they shared their first kiss and get down on one knee in front of everyone.

One thing he didn't count on was his future bride's mother being a bit unsteady on her feet.

Rather than just wait for the woman to recover or do it another time, he got down on one knee anyway. While his fiancée's mum was still face-down in the sand.

That's husband material right there.

To perfectly set the scene, here's a play-by-play from the woman who posted to video:

“Everyone knew The guy in the blue was going to propose to The girl in the pink except for my mom. He wanted to do it on the beach near Lake Michigan because that was one of their first dates. He asked The guy in the black and I to try and distract her so that he could get down on one knee. Little did we know my moms clumsiness would do the distracting naturally! We have waited 7 years for him to propose and my mom didn’t even get to see it since she was face down in the sand. Good thing we had this video for her too see! And yes, she is okay! Nothing got hurt on her except for maybe her ego : ) We can’t wait for the wedding!”

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