A Student Has Designed The International Flag Of Planet Earth

When We Conquer The Galaxy, This Is The Flag We'll Use

A student has solved what will be one of the biggest problems facing the human race in the next 100 years: How we'll look when we inevitably conquer the galaxy.

To help avoid any inevitable bickering between nations, student Oskar Pernefeldt has designed "The International Flag of Planet Earth".

When we inevitably colonise Mars, Pernefeldt's aim is for any as-yet undiscovered bacteria to know exactly who's boss thanks to a unified flag that shows us as a single united planet Earth.

Of course Pernefeldt realises that a flag is about so much more than simply suppressing the free will of bacteria, it's also about uniting us back home.

In his list of suggested uses the International Flag can be placed outside of your home, used at sporting events or -- as we imagined -- as line of decent but ultimately disposable pens.

Pernefeldt's designs aren't just about instilling boundless patriotism in us all, there's actually real science behind the design.

Now all we need is an anthem...


International Flag Of The Planet Earth

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