Vin Diesel Breakdancing Is The Best Throwback We've Ever Seen

Most people think of Vin Diesel as the bald, muscly star of hardcore action films like 'Fast & Furious' and 'XXX', but this video shows him in a whole new light.

It's doing the rounds again after originally being posted in 2006, and we're glad it keeps popping up on the internet. It helps us remember that there was a time when the bulked-up macho man was just a skinny kid dancing awkwardly to 90s hip hop.

And for good measure, here's a throwback to the time Kelly & Michael showed him the video on TV:

Diesel actually used to make a living as a breakdancer, apparently. Mashable reports he used to flaunt his skills in public in New York City before getting his first gig - in this video.

And make sure you stay tuned for the last six seconds of the video to see that skinny Vinny doing the worm through his partners legs. It's haunting.

Kelly Brook

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