Life Hack: How To Chop Gazillions Of Cherry Tomatoes All In One Go

If you're planning on making a mahusive salad sometime soon, or perhaps you just generally enjoying chopping bucket loads of tomatoes in your spare time, then listen up.

As BBQ season approaches, you'll inevitably want to make an impressive spread for your garden party guests - and what better way to feed the masses than with a grand old salad to assist your freshly grilled (and insanely yummy) burgers?

For the time-starved among you, who really don't want to spend a thousand years chopping gazillions of cherry tomatoes, you should try this incredible life hack for chopping them in a matter of seconds.

Simply place your tomatoes on an upside down plate, then place a plate on top of them and slice through the middle of said tomatoes (watch the video to see how it's done properly).

Then, stand back and admire your sliced tomato army.

Remove fat from a casserole or sauce with an ice cube...

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