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A cure for 'tunnel candles', a quick and easy face cover, and a trick to calmly cut your dog's nails – these revelations are brilliant.
When was the last time you cleaned your yoga mat? With the amount of sweat, dirt, hair, oil and other gross bacteria lurking
Life is too short to spend time picking tiny bits of shell from hard-boiled eggs. In the video above, Chef James demonstrates
It's a moment of sheer panic: you're chilling out in the living room and you hear the sound of water boiling over coming
Getting your baby to sleep is a battle for many parents face at one point or another. But not this woman, she's discovered
6. Remove the plastic and watch your water turn into wine. H/T: Laughing Squid 3. Fill one glass to the brim with wine, and
If you're planning on making a mahusive salad sometime soon, or perhaps you just generally enjoying chopping bucket loads
I was brought up by a woman who told me that all you needed was a bit of mascara. I later came to realise that anyone who grows up with a hot/low maintenance mother is ill-equipped for life as a female. Especially if, intermittently, throughout my non-airbrushed existence, your skin is having a post-punk rock revolution all of its own...