7 Genius Life Hacks People Have Discovered During Lockdown

A cure for 'tunnel candles', a quick and easy face cover, and a trick to calmly cut your dog's nails – these revelations are brilliant.

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Life hacks are nothing new, but it would seem we’re taking the creativity up a notch during lockdown – from ways to make the most of your candles to getting your dog to stay still while you give them a trim.

Here are seven of our favourites.

1. A cure for your ‘tunnel candles’

You know when a candle burns down, but there’s loads of wax left around the edges that isn’t useful to man nor beast? Yep, there’s a hack for that – and all you need is a bit of tin foil.

2. An easy way to take notes

This is the height of laziness: dictating to your Mac what to type. Head to system preferences, go to the ‘keyboard’ section, press ‘dictation’, then ‘enable dictation’. Open up your document, double tap the function key and start speaking.

Side note: what you say will be sent to Apple to be converted into text, so if you’re working on something top secret, perhaps this isn’t one for you.

3. A trick to cut your dog’s toe nails (or hair)

We admire this woman’s commitment to cutting her dog’s nails. Yes, she has wrapped her head in cling film and spooned on peanut butter so her dog can lick it. FYI: dogs can eat peanut butter as long as it’s fed in moderation and doesn’t contain xylitol.

4. An idea to get respite from your cat

Cats don’t want us to get any work done. They want to climb on our keyboards and sit in precarious – and often, uncomfortable for us humans – positions while we do our best to stay productive.

Fill a pair of joggers with some cushions (or other clothes), sit it on a nearby chair and watch your cat find a new lap to snooze on. You’re welcome.

5. A hack for the short-legged amongst us

Too short to reach the window handle to close it once it’s open? Get a whisk and prepare for a quick and simple solution that doesn’t involve you climbing on something. Magic.

6. A quick and easy face cover

All you need is a bandana (or similar sized piece of material) and two hair ties or rubber bands. Simples.

7. A way to hide your wine on a Zoom call

Someone’s really thinking outside of the box – or should we say, cup – here.