Obama's @POTUS Account Smashes Twitter World Record Held By 'Iron Man' Robert Downey Jr.

Obama's New Twitter Account Just Smashed A World Record

If there is ever anybody who can beat Iron Man using something as mundane as Twitter, it would be Barack Obama.

The US President now holds the Guinness World Record for the time taken to reach one million followers on Twitter.

On Monday, Obama aka @POTUS greeted Twitter with a very simple hello that gained him one million followers in less than five hours.

The record was previously held by Hollywood's own king of cool Robert Downey Jr., who took 23 hours and 22 minutes to achieve the same in April last year.

@POTUS' follower to following ratio also appears to be incredibly presidential with only 65 people including John Kerry, who have got the ole follow from Obama so far. Cue the FOMO.

Obama doesn't appear to be a prolific tweeter but he does seem to be taking questions from Bill Clinton, who asked:

A fair question, since @POTUS won't be relevant to Obama once the US elections kick off in 2016.

Twitter released an animated map revealing how quickly conversations around @POTUS took off on the social media platform.

Some of the Twaffic sadly involved heavy handed racism, while a lot of it probably entailed the world asking the Presidential Tweebie for a follow.


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