Swearing Toddler Gets Angry And Tells Monkey To 'F*** Off' During Safari Trip

It's easy to forget how much kids listen to our conversations, the words we say including, well the odd swear word.

That is until something they've definitely only heard from an adult comes out their mouth.

This hilarious video of a two-year-old shows just that. But before you click play be warned he has a serious case of potty-mouth.

The home video begins with the boy's parents discussing a monkey being on the roof of their car while driving on a safari holiday.

The two-year-old is sat in the front seat.

"Ah, monkey on the car," he says in an adorable voice. And then...

"F*** Off". His parents laugh in disbelief at the unexpected expletives that just fell out their toddler's mouth.

Well, he must have learned it somewhere...

The couple uploaded the clip onto YouTube, with an added on Snoop Dog tune at the end, dressing their toddler up as a 'thug' with fake glasses on.

They write: "We're not proud of this, but had to share..."

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