Tom Brady Abuse Leveled At ITV Political Editor Tom Bradby. Congrats Twitter

Twitter Is Confusing ITV's Political Editor With A US Quarterback

Take a moment to pity Tom Bradby, the ITV News political editor who has come under sustained, expletive-riddled abuse by Twitter users confusing the close friend of Prince William with American Football star Tom Brady.

Spot the difference there? We're glad some of you seem to be able to.

Edinburgh University-educated Bradby is bearing the brunt of a vitriolic assault by users confusing him for the shamed New England Patriots player Brady, who was suspended over 'Deflategate' - a US sporting scandal in which the quarterback was implicated in the release of air from balls, giving his team an advantage.

A barrage of commentary intended for Brady, leveled at the oh-so-similarly-named Bradby, really is quite something. Stay classy, Twitter:

But the barrage of tweets hasn't successfully dampened Bradby's spirits. In fact, he almost appears to be enjoying it.

But while Bradby may have made many enemies by inadvertently sharing an almost identical name with a US NFL player across the pond, at least he still has one fan...

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