Two Artists Paint Disney Princesses As Vogue Cover Stars In Different Ways, And They're Spot On

The Latest Vogue Cover Stars: Disney Princesses

Everyone has a soft spot for Disney princesses, probably because they were the idols of our childhood.

But in the world of fashion they've been put on an even higher pedestal, transformed from bubbly young women to Vogue supermodels and cover stars.

No, we're not kidding. Go on, press play.

Can't wait to share a brand new #DisneyDivas series i've been working on!

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Hayden Williams is a British fashion illustrator who has compiled a Flipagram showing ten of our favourite Disney princesses, including Snow White, Belle, Rapunzel and Pocahontas, on the cover of Vogue.

He has labelled them "Disney Divas", which of course they must be to have monopolised so many Vogue covers.

The princesses are sketched in detail. Jasmine from Aladdin has her infamous chunky gold accessories, while Pocahontas is in some serious-fringe heaven.

Ariel's locks are probably the most lust-worthy of them all, and Williams has elegantly drawn her in a fishtail gown.

But it seems Williams isn't the only one hopping on this trend, as another artist has come forward before with a similar artistic mindset.

US-based artist, Dante Tyler has illustrated many of the same Disney princesses onto a Vogue cover, adding cover lines to describe the princess he is illustrating.

The cover below was posted last year by one of Tyler's fans, and shows his interpretation of Pocahontas, with vibrant bright colours and the words "This is a raw, real, fabulous woman", as well as the phrase "simply beautiful".

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Happy Monday! @dantetyler17's Vogue Disney Darlings tho 🍂 #inspiration #Pocahotness #dantetyler

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Another one of Tyler's fans posted his version of Ariel as a Vogue cover star, although she's looking slightly more fierce than usual.

If there ever was a case for animated characters to take over magazine covers, we think this is it.