Five Bad Habits Your Kids May Be Picking Up From You (Including Driving Too Fast In The Car)

Five Bad Habits Your Kids May Be Picking Up From You

Sometimes parents forget that children are like sponges, soaking up everything you say.

But it's not just words they copy, children watch everything you do, including those bad habits of yours.

Here are the five bad habits your children may pick up from you. Watch the video above to find out exactly how you should squash those habits in aid of better ones...

  1. Technology habits - are you constantly watching TV, and yet shouting at your teen when they do the same?
  2. Self-loathing - expressing how much you hate your body can pose a problem if your children can hear...
  3. Healthy living - grabbing unhealthy meals on the go is a hard habit to break
  4. Wearing sun cream - you want your children to wear cream in the sun, but do you sometimes run out of time to apply it yourself before leaving the house?
  5. Driving fast - when you're late for school and you put your foot down, your children will take note...

What other habits do you have that you'd like to stop?

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