This Is What Taking A Selfie Every Day For 16 Years Looks Like

If you get annoyed by people incessantly posting selfies on social media, you may want to look away now.

JK Keller is something of a selfie fanatic. He's taken a selfie every day for the past 16 years and compiled them into a collage, that is quite frankly, a little overwhelming.

We obviously had to crop this, but you can view the full version of 'The Adaptation to My Generation Project' here.

Keller plans to take a selfie everyday for the rest of his life until he dies.

He said the project began out of spite when his girlfriend sarcastically asked him if he was planning to use his newly purchased Nikon CoolPix 900 camera everyday, to which he responded yes.

You'll notice that Keller doesn't smile in any of his pictures and that's because he wants them to be as "subtly objective as possible."

Surprisingly, Keller's Instagram account is relatively selfie and filter free, which is refreshing for person who's so into their own face.