Forget The Six Pack,The Latest Must-Have For Men Is Visibly Throbbing Veins...Apparently

If you think it's just women who are subjected to ridiculous beauty standards, think again.

According to some personal trainers, visibly throbbing veins have replaced six packs as the latest must-have for men.

According to Carmelo, the most important vein for a man to display is the cephalic, which runs along the forearm and the biceps from the wrist to mid-shoulder.

"When you can see that vein, you think, 'wow, that guy's pretty fit'," he said.

Personal trainer Andrew Ginsburg agreed the cephalic is to be desired, saying: "Every Calvin Klein model ever has had that arm vein. It's a rite of passage. If you don't have it, your arms aren't that good."

But not everyone supports the new focus on veins.

"He’s worked out so hard that his blue veins threaten to burst forth from his skin in a virile celebration of the many chicken breasts he has eaten and the many reps he has performed in order to maintain his low BMI," she adds.

So, what causes bulging veins in the first place and, more importantly, are they safe?

"Bulging is neither good nor bad but simply a result of normal physiological mechanisms that result from the rise in arterial blood pressure during exertion," Professor Mark A. W. Andrews previously said.

According to Men's Fitness, the key to increasing vein definition is by decreasing body fat.

"If you want to start to see your veins protrude, then you want to workout using a high-volume, high-rep method," they wrote.

"The drawback to this game plan is that it’s only temporary - once you leave the iron behind you can kiss those beautiful veins goodbye."

In other words, getting visible veins will take most men a lot of work and after all that, they're only temporary.

If we were you guys, we'd stick to the 'dad bod'.

Your donut breakfast sandwich.

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