The 'Button' On Reddit Has FINALLY Hit Zero

Human Race Prepares For Potential Apocalypse As Mysterious Reddit 'Button' Hits Zero

A lot of things in life are certain: The Sun rising in the morning, "The Archers" coming on every night, seeing another cat video appear on Twitter and of course, the infamous 'Button' on reddit.

Well congratulations everyone because according to the image below the human race just proved reddit wrong - 'The Button' finally hit 0.

Infuriating in every sense of the word, 'The Button' was devised by reddit to simply prove human nature's inherent curiosity OR in other words show how useless we are at not touching things.

With a simple 60 second countdown timer, 'The Button' would be reset every time a reddit user pressed the button resulting in the certain outcome that it would never reach 0 for the rest of recorded time.

What happened? Did money fall from the sky? Did reddit actually reveal itself to be a "Transcendence"-style version of Stephen Hawking's brain?

Nothing happened, because the internet.

In fact, the absolute opposite has taken place and now everyone's favourite experiment is back up and running.

A reddit post has claimed that the team behind it are 'investigating' what might have happened, presumably due to the understandable cynicism that the human race was ever capable of such restraint.

Until that point though we'll just have to hang tight and revel in the fact that when we really really put our minds to it, we can completely forget about something on the internet and inadvertently beat the system. Congrats everyone.

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