Best Man's Speech Turns Into Epic Adventure Film (And Pretty Much Wins The Internet)

Is This The Best, Best Man's Speech Ever?

When it comes to the best man's speech, most grooms expect to hear a few dodgy jokes and that's that.

But when Connor Denver asked Ciaran Morrison to be his best man, little did he know that Morrison had something rather unusual up his sleeve.

Not one for conforming, the 26-year-old from Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, has pretty much won the internet by making an epic adventure film as the lead in to his actual speech.

Standing up in front of Denver, his bride Rochelle and their wedding guests, Morrison announces that he's left his speech at home and, much to everyone's surprise, sprints out of the room to go home and fetch it.

Which is when his kick-ass adventure film kicks in, played on a huge projector at the front of the room.

Watch as Morrison scales roads, fields, lakes and even trees in a bid to collect his best man's speech from home.

The 26-year-old hired local production company, KarDar Productions, to create the hilarious video which also sees him ride a horse, paddle a canoe and down a pint in his local pub. (Well, all of that action is thirsty business!)

Speaking to Belfast Live, Morrison said that he had the idea to do "something funny", and went to the production company for help putting it all together.

"It took about 60 hours to make, I was off a few weeks ago and I just went down with the guys and filmed it and they edited it all together. I was so pleased with it."

And all of his hard work paid off, too.

"I got a really good reaction when I came back in the room," he said. "Everyone was cheering and roaring, the speech itself went well after that."

Meanwhile, best buddy Denver - who had no idea what was about to go down - thought it was "absolutely brilliant".

"You usually do worry about the speech but he was kind to me. The video really entertained everyone. People were talking about it all night, there wasn't anyone in the room who didn't enjoy it."

Guys, the best man speech bar has officially been raised.