best man

Being asked to deliver a wedding speechshould be an honor,
When my brother asked me to be his best man, I instantly said yes. And then I panicked..
Wills is 'honoured' to be his little brother's best man. 👬
When Josh Sacofsky began planning his wedding, he asked not one, but eight of his mates to be best man. The gents were more
Three cheers for Niko and Phil 🙌
There are many ways to include dogs in a wedding, but this couple dished out the ultimate honour by choosing their two pets
It's the ultimate challenge. A one-off opportunity to be a stand-up comedian in front of a roomful of happy people. A chance to put your best friendship and all it entails into words. But so many people get it totally and utterly wrong. And it's all so avoidable! Here's how to nail it in nine simple steps!
Will Cundall lit up the room with his best man’s speech at a wedding recently - but not in the conventional sense. He left